Retail Guarding

Retail Guarding

Shoplifting causes huge loses to the retail stores every year and presence of a uniformed security guards acts as a visible deterrent and helps in minimising the theft to a zero level which results in high profits of the stores. We provide trained retail security guards who have the knowledge of retail guarding including searching and arresting procedures etc.

Conduct of  Retail Guarding operations include:

Patrol Retail Store Premises
Investigate Disturbances
Monitor Entry And Exit Points Of Retail Store
Call Help In Emergency Situations
Circulate Among Visitors
Operate Theft Detecting Devices
Dealing With Large Crowd
Building Customer Relations
Building Customer Relations
Operating CCTV Systems
Securing Cash Movement
24/7 site protection Uniformed Security Guards Fully licensed guards

Trained, licensed and uniformed security guards protecting your site 24/7

Professional, presentable and fully uniformed security guards

All security guards deployed by Shield Facilities are trained and licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority)


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We offer tailor made security guarding services including the presence of the dedicated security guards to act as a visible deterrent or to deal with any unpleasant events, a professional mobile patrolling package or key holding & alarm response services. Below are the some of the services that we offer to our clients:


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