Quality Policy

It is Loyal Security Ltd policy to consistently, and profitably, exceed our customer’s expectations with regards to the provision of high quality security guarding services. Maintaining, and continuously improving, high standards of competence in all our activities that have impact on Customer Satisfaction can only achieve this objective.

As an integral part of the range of Company Policies that include regulatory and other policies, we will work towards registration to ISO 9001 as a means of ensuring that our skills, procedures and understanding of current and future customer needs are:

Appropriate and suitable to meeting our objectives as set within Loyal Security Limited
Consistently deployed and applied to both full time staff and all sub contractors
Meet with requirements of the PSIA 2001, BS7499, BS7984 & BS7858
Deliver to the Customer and interested parties, the benefits we seek

 It is our aim that all members of staff at Loyal Security Ltd Limited have a sound knowledge of this policy and work in an environment in which they are encouraged to contribute to improvement of Customer Satisfaction, quality and reliability. All staff will receive, on induction to the company, input on the contents and meaning of this policy statement. It is the duty of all, no matter to assist all other members of Loyal Security Ltd Limited to meet this objective.

As part of this Policy Loyal Security Ltd Limited will carry out regular audits of internal compliance to the Standard, and use a variety of methods to measure and track Customer Satisfaction. The findings of these audits, together with other comments and data, will be used to guide and direct our continuous improvement programme. We will establish Quality Assurance objectives with particular reference to site activities. The Managing Director fully supports, and has approved this Quality Policy Statement.

Loyal Security Ltd aim to exceed the expectations of their clients and staff by providing a first class service in security premises and providing a safe environment for all concerned. We will work closely to our quality management system and continually improve our processes and procedures to enhance the services we offer. The management of our guarding assignments are controlled through:

Clearly documented assignment instructions authorised by the customer and a Director
Periodic review of assignment instructions to ensure compatibility with requirements
Assignment training of officers who upon completion endorse the assignment instructions.
The provision and maintenance of suitable inspection or testing of equipment and activities
The provision of suitable documents for recording data
Regular site visits to ensure standards are maintained
Regular customer liaison visits to determine customer satisfaction levels.

Continual improvement:

The results of audit results, analysis of data and corrective and preventative action will be used as tools to enable the continual improvement of our Quality Management System through management reviews. The results shall be compared to the stated quality policy and quality objectives.


Loyal Security Limited are SIA Approved Contractors for the provision of Security Guarding Services.

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