Quality Policy

Loyal Security Limited is committed to continuous improvement and to excel in all we do. Developing quality throughout all our activities underpins all that we strive to achieve within our organisation. The overall quality objective is to ensure that Loyal Security Limited delivers a consistently high level of service throughout our extensive and diverse business and charitable activities.

Customer satisfaction is our uppermost priority and as a result, Loyal Security has achieved in last five years. We receive more than 95% positive feedback throughout from our customers. The company has no non-conformance in recent year and we performed financially well. (May 2019)

Loyal Security Limited is committed to continuous improvement and implementing appropriate quality management systems and processes to enable us to deliver the highest practicable quality services. We will therefore:

  •  Work with our customers and partners to develop our services to meet their needs.
  •  Conduct our business in a way that reflects our core values
  •   Create an environment that promotes continuous improvement and knowledge sharing across all stakeholders
  •   Ensure compliance with legal and other applicable standards
  •   Educate and train our people to support the delivery of high quality services

 We recognise the importance of monitoring and reviewing our quality management systems and through continual monitoring and planned reviews we have the opportunity to identify improvements to our service and maintain compliance with legal and ethical standards. This will effectively provide our customers with the confidence that the provision of service will be delivered consistently to predetermined high standards. Where appropriate we seek and attain external accreditation for the services we provide.

As part of this Policy Loyal Security Ltd Limited will carry out regular audits of internal compliance to the Standard, and use a variety of methods to measure and track Customer Satisfaction. The findings of these audits, together with other comments and data, will be used to guide and direct our continuous improvement programme. We will establish Quality Assurance objectives with particular reference to site activities. The Managing Director fully supports, and has approved this Quality Policy Statement.

Our commitment to quality is supported by individual policies and procedures that address the activities central to delivering our services. All of us who are involved in the delivery of Loyal Security Limited services are fully committed to our objectives and to attain the appropriate training in all aspects of our responsibilities.